Adr adventure park

First of all, remember you will be on a full adrenaline adventure at the heart of the Costa Rican jungle, expect some humidity and warm temperatures (and unexpected rain from time to time).

Taking that into consideration, we recommend that you wear comfortable, light clothing, that can dry easily when wet. Some people will prefer pants than shorts for the rappel, but this is not necessary. Remember that you will get wet, so extra set of clothes and a towel for your trip back is highly recommended. Also if you get cold easily a light sport jacket can come in handy.

For good traction, make sure you wear rubber soled shoes, water shoes would be ideal, but sneakers or strap on sandals will do the trick (no flip flops!). Again, remember we will be walking on slippery rocks, so this recommendation is for your safety. If you would like to use insect repellent (not really needed though) you can bring some, and the regular rule when in the sun in Costa Rica,wear sun protection (water proof). Do not bring sun glasses, or leave them in the van. If you need prescription glasses, make sure you wear a strap on them so you don't lose them in the middle of the jungle!

Even though you can bring your own waterproof camera, we highly recommend that you don't. You will be hanging upside down cables, rapelling, canyoning and it is going to be difficult for you to get a good picture and enjoy your trip at the same time you are making sure your camera does not fall from a tree or into the waterfalls! We have trained PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS that will take great shots for you for a very affordable price.

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